Month: August 2021

How to buy a lottery ticket, where to get the best deal, and what to expect at the Las Vegas draw

It was a typical week for the Florida Lottery.But the state’s lottery director was making sure all the right things were happening.The company is the biggest in the country, and it’s not known for its strict rules, but in this case, that’s not what was on display.The lottery director, who would only give her name […]

US lottery numbers updated: 2,095,724,746,087,927,878,099,1,742,924,921,829,826,894,818,819,929,949,951,984,904,982,987,981,985,985

The odds of winning the Maryland Lottery’s latest jackpot are 1 in 1,534 million.The odds for the state’s jackpot this year are 1,722,928,049,912,065,038,931,711,716,735,718,902,910,934,983,936,994,994 article The Baltimore City Lottery is closing down at 10 p.m.Tuesday, the first day of the next round of jackpots, and the Maryland State Lottery has also announced that it will shut […]

Why the Hoosier Lottery is getting hit by fraud and malware

The Hoosiers lottery is facing a serious threat.It is the only state lottery in the country that is not subject to the federal federal Government’s anti-fraud program.And the Hooier Lotteries is in an incredibly vulnerable position.According to the US Government Accountability Office, the state lottery had more than $1.4 billion in losses from the lottery […]

NY State Lottery Wins $4.7M in Lottery Ticket Sales as Lottery Tournaments in NY Become Less Popular

A $4 million ticket sale for the New York State lottery in April marked the first time since 1993 that a state lottery has been able to match a ticket purchase with a ticket sale.The lottery announced the new sales deal on April 12 and also announced plans to buy another ticket for $2.7 million.“We […]

How to vote in the 2020 GOP presidential primary

Wisconsin Republican gubernatorial candidate Josh Mandel is a favorite to win the GOP presidential nomination.But he is not running for president, according to the results of Tuesday’s presidential primary.Bidena Dixson/The Hill, file Democratic Wisconsin Gov.Scott Walker of Wisconsin celebrates during a campaign rally with supporters on Tuesday in Milwaukee.In the GOP primary, former Arkansas Gov.Mike […]

What to expect from tonight’s lottery lottery numbers

NATIONAL LANDLORD: All you need to know about tonight’s Virginia lottery numbers.The number of tickets sold at the lottery’s offices in Norfolk, Virginia, will be announced on Thursday morning.This is a new national lottery, which means the total number of winners in Virginia will be equal to the total population of the state.But the state’s […]

INDIANA LOSERS: Numbers on lottery numbers: 6,300 for Indiana

Indiana’s lottery numbers have fallen to 6,293, down 2,976 from last year.Indiana’s largest lottery draw, the Indianapolis Metropolitan Association of Governments (IMAG), issued the following statement: We have had a very busy season for IMAG, and the lottery numbers are trending in the right direction.In fact, the numbers are now above the 10,000 level.This week, […]

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