Month: September 2021

Why is Kentucky and Nevada the biggest winners from the 2017 US lottery?

Here’s the latest news, analysis and betting tips on the 2017 lottery.Read moreThe total number of tickets sold for the US National Lottery, the largest single-day event in US history, increased by a record 5.1 million tickets.But the largest winners from this year’s event were not winners from any other state or territory, according to […]

Indiana Lottery: Lottery winners and losers from 2012 to 2016

The Indiana Lotteries has released its lottery results for the 2012 and 2016 seasons, and found that the winner of the lottery in Indiana received the most money in the state, making him the winner.The winning ticket holder received $4,971,624.49, followed by the second place winner, who received $3,819,049.43.The final winner received $2,977,066.46.The Indiana Lotters […]

When the lottery was first awarded, lottery tickets were sold out

When it was first announced in March 1935 that Texas had won the lottery, the Texas Lottery and Gaming Commission was greeted with widespread excitement.It had awarded a total of $3 million to the city of Austin, which had been in the middle of an oil boom.Texas had been named “Lottery Capital of the World” […]

How to find lottery tickets in Washington state

A new guide from the state lottery to find winning tickets for the Washington State Lottery has been updated to reflect the latest information from the Washington Lottery.The lottery has been updating its website, social media accounts and other platforms in the wake of the shooting death of a 19-year-old man in Virginia.The guide says […]

What’s the real story behind the ‘georgias lottery’ results?

The winners and losers in the georgias massive lottery are being investigated.But the winner is not being named and the winners and the losers are not being investigated as of yet. The real story surrounding the lottery has been kept under wraps for a few days, and now the public is getting to know it.The state […]

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