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The first post-election lottery will not be on the ballot in Australia

A post-mortem of Australia’s first post election lottery has found the state’s first chance lottery did not succeed in getting people to the polls in time for a general election.The Electoral Commission has found that the $200 million “first-in, first-out” lottery in Queensland was “ineffective” at getting people into the booths for the election, even […]

What You Need to Know About New Jersey Lottery Winners

Congratulations to our winners!Congratulations to all of the winning floridans, lottery players, and lottery collectors out there.And congratulations to our winner!It’s always a thrill to win a prize like this.Congratulations to the winner!And the winners of the 2018 New Jersey lottery have had it good so far.Here’s what you need to know about the winners.Congratulations […]

What you need to know about the latest news on the Michigan lottery drawing

Michigan’s lottery is drawing a record number of applications for the state’s $3.5 billion lottery this week, according to a source familiar with the lottery’s process.Michigan is drawing the largest number of lottery applications in a single day since the state began using the lottery in 1967.More than 20,000 applications have been filed since Tuesday, […]

INDIANA LOSERS: Numbers on lottery numbers: 6,300 for Indiana

Indiana’s lottery numbers have fallen to 6,293, down 2,976 from last year.Indiana’s largest lottery draw, the Indianapolis Metropolitan Association of Governments (IMAG), issued the following statement: We have had a very busy season for IMAG, and the lottery numbers are trending in the right direction.In fact, the numbers are now above the 10,000 level.This week, […]

Which state lottery tickets cost more?

If you’re looking for the cheapest lottery tickets available in Australia, you’re not alone.In Melbourne, the cheapest tickets are available on the Metro and the Metro Gold Card, priced at $6.50, $9.50 and $15.50 respectively.The cheapest tickets on the state ticket machines are also $5.50.The ticket machines in Sydney are also the cheapest in Australia.However, […]

The Latest: Louisiana Lottery winners listed for lottery numbers 3 and 4

LAKEWOOD, Miss.— The Louisiana lottery is looking for lottery winners to fill three and four numbers in the new four-team state lottery and is offering a $1,000 bonus if the winner matches the number of the winning ticket.The lottery is holding the interviews on Wednesday and Thursday to determine which three and 4 winners will […]

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