How to win £2 million lottery ticket with cash from your bank article 3.00 pm:  Talks between the UK and US are expected to start on Wednesday over a proposed deal to allow US banks to open accounts in the UK.

The White House on Wednesday gave no reason for the talks.

“There is a good chance that the two countries could have an agreement,” White House spokeswoman Caitlin Hayden told reporters.

The UK has also agreed to let US companies access its financial services, including the US$17 billion ($23 billion) settlement between the US and HSBC Holdings plc, she said.

A spokesman for HSBC Holdings said in a statement that the UK was “ready to work with our counterparts in the United States on a potential settlement”.

LottoPost: Why UK-US bank account links could be worth up to £2.2 billion article 3:55 pm: Britain is “ready” to start talks with US banks, Prime Minister Theresa May has said.

“We are ready to start the process of negotiating the first step in our discussions with US authorities,” May said on Wednesday.

“We are keen to work together with our US counterparts, including our central banks, to make sure that our citizens are safe and sound.”

I hope the US will work with us and we will continue to work on a number of things, but we will do it together,” she said, adding that Britain “will not be bullied”.

May also announced a £1 billion fund to help struggling US businesses.

Lucky Numbers, a website that offers odds on how many of each of the lottery tickets can be won, said that odds on a jackpot of between £5 million and £10 million were “more than double” what it had been expecting.

The site said that while it had hoped to win “thousands” of the lucky numbers, the actual number was expected to be closer to “hundreds”.

The odds site said it was confident the jackpot could be reached.

Its owner, Alex Kroll, said the site was “optimistic” about the chance of winning, saying: “We’re confident that we can get this far, and that’s the thing about being optimistic.

You always want to be optimistic, but at the same time you don’t want to get ahead of yourself.

“The odds are always going to be a bit better than what we expected.”

He added: “I’m going to put it to you that it’s worth it to be confident.”

Lilly Jones, of Lucky Numbers, said she hoped that the site’s odds were “overblown”.

“We don’t know how many jackpots are actually going to go up,” she told the BBC.

She said the chances of the jackpots reaching the £1.5 billion threshold were “really low”, but added: ‘The big prize is a lot closer than we thought’.

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