How to win a $1 million lottery number postgame

Posted May 04, 2019 12:27:37 The postgame winners of the 2018 Miami Heat and Miami Dolphins are now known.

The winning lottery number is one million dollars and was awarded on Wednesday at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

The winning ticket was purchased by a woman who was standing on the sideline before the contest began.

It was her ticket that won the prize.

The game between the NBA champions was announced earlier this month, and the winner is expected to receive the $1.2 million prize.

A winner is announced at the end of the second quarter of the NBA Finals, which begin Saturday night at 1 p.m.

ET in Oakland, Calif.

The $1,859,000 winning ticket is the second-most valuable prize ever awarded in the history of the lottery, according to the prize calculator at

It’s also the most expensive lottery ticket ever awarded to a woman.

The Heat’s winning ticket for the 2020 NBA Finals was sold for $1 billion.

The ticket was originally offered for sale in April 2021 for $7.8 million.

The Dolphins’ winning ticket, purchased in 2018 for $600,000, was sold to a man in the parking lot at the Miami Dolphins’ home stadium.

It sold for more than $1 and the Miami Herald reported the winning ticket sold for about $1 more than it was originally expected to sell for.

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