Illinois state lottery winners face life in prison

It was a day of joy for Illinois lottery winners, including one who went on to win more than $100 million in prize money.

The lottery winners at the state’s largest county lottery in Oconto, Illinois, gathered Saturday afternoon in a hangar on the Iowa State Fairgrounds.

They were given a special invitation to participate in the Iowa Lottery’s “Gambling Nights” and the “Hockey Nights” events, where winners could win up to $100,000 in prize funds.

The Illinois lottery had said it was considering closing the state lottery after the last three years of the winning streak ended last month.

Iowa State lottery officials have said the Iowa lottery was not closed for the last six years, and the state did not expect to shut it down until 2018.

Iowa lottery officials were not immediately available for comment.

Illinois lottery officials said in a statement they will continue to work with other state and local lottery officials to improve the operation of the lottery.

They are also committed to ensuring that Illinois residents can obtain their winning tickets and can access the lottery in a safe and secure manner.

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