Kentucky’s lottery numbers and lottery tickets are gone

Updated May 15, 2018 07:01:50 After a string of recent losses, the Kentucky lottery is set to reopen this week after nearly five years without a winning lottery ticket.

The lottery was supposed to reopen on Wednesday, May 24, but the state Department of Agriculture said a mechanical malfunction prevented the department from getting the lottery number system operational.

The system was supposed have been operational for just one month after it was last checked in January.

“We’ll be open,” lottery commissioner Joe Wooten said.

The Kentucky Lottery has struggled to make the numbers work since the state’s last win in November 2015, when the state pulled the plug on the state lottery, and the lottery lost about $300 million, the Associated Press reported.

That was the largest single-day loss in state history.

The loss forced the governor to make major changes to the lottery and give up on the program.

In a news release, Wootin said the lottery will be able to issue ticketing and sales tickets, but not the lottery itself.

The state is offering $30 million to the winners of lottery tickets.

Kentucky Lotteries chief executive officer Michael J. Hirschfeld said the state will give a portion of the money to the state treasury to support programs that are important to the people of Kentucky.

“As we enter this difficult time, we are committed to doing all we can to help Kentucky continue to thrive,” Hirschfeld said in the news release.

Kentucky’s state lottery is the only state in the U.S. that is still open.

Its website has been closed for years and many people still cannot get into the lottery.

The last lottery ticket was sold in August 2016, according to lottery records.

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