Lottery winners take home millions of dollars after winning lottery

A UK lottery winner who won £3.7 million in a lottery to raise money for a cancer charity has made an estimated £20 million in his final year on the job.

James Martin, who won the £3,700-a-pop £10 million Lotto Big Bet, has been employed as a director of the National Cancer Institute (NCI) since January 2014.

Mr Martin, 51, said: “I’m so excited to have such a successful life after my lottery win, which is helping a charity called Cancer Research UK.”

I’ve been an NCA director for just over a year now and I’m so grateful for the opportunity.

“It’s really good to be a part of a charity that’s so dedicated to the cause of cancer and I want to make a difference for people in my area.”

As an NCO, I have the freedom to work as I wish, but I will always have my job and be accountable for what I do.

“Mr Martin joined the NCA in 2007 and has been director since 2010.

He has been involved in several charity projects, including the £10-million Cancer Research United Fund, which aims to help charities raise £10,000 each for a specific cancer research project.

“[It] also gives me a great opportunity to go out there and give back and I think I’ve done my part.””

I was very proud to help raise money to support the NCCC,” he said.

“[It] also gives me a great opportunity to go out there and give back and I think I’ve done my part.”

Lotto Bigbet, which has a focus on supporting cancer charities, is one of the largest lottery win-support organisations in the UK.

The lottery company said it had not yet decided whether it would continue Mr Martin’s employment, but said the “fundraising and philanthropic activities” would continue.

“The prize-winning jackpot has brought in over £6 million to support Cancer Research Worldwide’s work in treating, managing and treating cancer across the world,” said a spokesman.

“We hope that this award will continue to help cancer research, and that the millions of people who have already won the jackpot will continue the good work they’ve already done to raise awareness of this important cause.”

Mr Johnson said he was delighted to be the “director” of the NCI.

In addition to his role as director of National Cancer Research, Mr Johnson is also a member of the council and chair of the NCCS.

Lotto also announced it had appointed former deputy chairman of the House of Commons, David Hanson, as its new chief executive.

Ms Hanson said: “Lola is the latest in a long line of top-level, talented people who joined the National Crime Agency in 2013.”

They have been outstanding and dedicated members of our organisation and we are thrilled that they have been able to complete their roles as NCA directors.””

They’ve done a superb job and I am proud to welcome them into the NACC.

“Mr Hanson said the Naccas “great success stories” were encouraging for the future.”

With the number of people with cancer rising and with the challenges facing the NHS, it’s really important that we are working together to improve care for people living with cancer and that’s why I am so delighted to welcome Lola to the NAC,” he added.

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