Louisiana Lottery winner to play for Los Angeles Kings

The winner of the Louisiana lottery on Sunday will become the first lottery winner from the state of Louisiana since a massive wave of new lottery winners arrived in the state from other states in recent years.

Louisiana Lottery spokeswoman Lizzy Bickett told The Associated Press the winning ticket, valued at $15 million, was donated to the Louisiana State University.

The winner of Saturday’s jackpot was the daughter of a Louisiana resident and the wife of a New Orleans police officer.

The state lottery board will decide if it will award the ticket on Monday, when the winners will be announced.

It could be worth as much as $300 million.

The Louisiana lottery’s $15-million jackpot is the biggest in state history, surpassing the $15.5 million in a recent statewide draw, Bicket said.

The winning ticket was donated by the family of Lizzie Johnson, the wife and mother of two of the five lottery winners, who were born in the Gulf Coast city of Laredo.

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