Michigan Lottery draws more than 2.5 million online entries

The Michigan Lotteries, one of the biggest online lottery sites, has posted record number of online entries in 2017, drawing more than two million total.

The Michigan lottery website announced Monday that the state’s lottery revenue has surpassed $4.2 billion.

The site is also showing record-breaking revenue growth for online gaming and mobile gaming.

Last year, the state generated $3.8 billion in online revenue.

More than 4,000,000 total entries were made online.

The state’s online gaming revenue has increased significantly this year, up 18 percent compared to last year, according to the state lottery.

The state reported an increase of 2,000 new games in 2017 and 2,400 new mobile games.

The Michigan Lotters Association, which owns and operates the website, has announced that it is looking for an additional $2 million in the coming weeks to fund the expansion of its gaming offerings.

The association is seeking additional gaming infrastructure in Michigan, which is a growing market for gaming.

More: Michigan Lotting Association (MMAAA) CEO and founder of the site, Jim Cauthey, said the state was looking for additional funding.

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