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What’s the real story behind the ‘georgias lottery’ results?

The winners and losers in the georgias massive lottery are being investigated.But the winner is not being named and the winners and the losers are not being investigated as of yet. The real story surrounding the lottery has been kept under wraps for a few days, and now the public is getting to know it.The state […]

Delaware Lottery results are out for lottery winners, results are up for lottery numbers

Delaware Lotteries has published the results of the 2018 Delaware Lotters Millions Sweepstakes.The winning numbers will be released in January 2019.There were more than 4.6 million people eligible to win the lottery, including 734,000 in Delaware.The total amount of prizes is estimated to be about $2.5 billion, making the state the largest lottery jackpot winner […]

How to scan and print tickets for the 2017 WNBA Draft lottery

How to enter the 2017 NBA Draft lottery in Washington, DC, using a ticket scanner.The NBA Draft Lottery is set for June 30.This week, we’re going to take a look at how to scan your tickets and print them.The lottery ticket scanner is a great tool for finding lottery tickets.It will scan a ticket number […]

Michigan Lottery draws more than 2.5 million online entries

The Michigan Lotteries, one of the biggest online lottery sites, has posted record number of online entries in 2017, drawing more than two million total.The Michigan lottery website announced Monday that the state’s lottery revenue has surpassed $4.2 billion.The site is also showing record-breaking revenue growth for online gaming and mobile gaming.Last year, the state […]

How to use the lottery numbers to find your own state lottery post

As I was typing this, I was in the lottery room.My father, who was watching from the window, told me that a man in a black robe was on the phone with a lottery official.“The number has been changed, sir,” the official said, and I had to look up the number on my phone.The man […]

How to buy a lottery ticket, where to get the best deal, and what to expect at the Las Vegas draw

It was a typical week for the Florida Lottery.But the state’s lottery director was making sure all the right things were happening.The company is the biggest in the country, and it’s not known for its strict rules, but in this case, that’s not what was on display.The lottery director, who would only give her name […]

What you need to know about the Texas Lottery’s lottery tax calculator

The Texas Lotteries’ lottery tax is a complicated tax system, but its complexity is what makes it so important to know.With the state’s largest lottery tax being the $2.9 billion in federal and state lottery taxes that it is, this article provides you with an overview of the tax.The tax’s tax code can be complicated, […]

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