When Illinois Lottery scratcher hits the ground running, her coach says: ‘She’s got it all’

A former Chicago high school gymnastics coach says his daughter’s “incredible” performance on Saturday will go down as one of the most impressive feats of athleticism in the state’s history.Kelly Tackett, a member of the Chicago gymnastics team, was one of four gymnasts competing in the Illinois High School National Championships.Her performance drew praise from […]

How to win a $1.2 million jackpot from a $50 million jackpots

This week, lottery officials announced the winners of their biggest jackpot in history.The jackpot for winners of $1,091 million is $4,719,919,871.It is more than double the $250 million jackpotted in 2012, when the jackpot was $2,746,716,639.But the winner of the jackpots this week is not the biggest jackpots.The winning ticket has a face value of […]

California Lottery Powerball Posters Are ‘More Than Just An Advertisement For The Powerball’

It is time to move past the idea of a Powerball jackpot and take a look at the poster that has become the go-to image of the lottery’s post-Powerball era.The poster for the 2016 California Powerball Powerball post has been posted on Twitter and has garnered over 11 million likes in the first 24 hours.The […]

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