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What You Need to Know About New Jersey Lottery Winners

Congratulations to our winners!Congratulations to all of the winning floridans, lottery players, and lottery collectors out there.And congratulations to our winner!It’s always a thrill to win a prize like this.Congratulations to the winner!And the winners of the 2018 New Jersey lottery have had it good so far.Here’s what you need to know about the winners.Congratulations […]

Why the Maryland Lottery is a $5 million winner

Baltimore, MD— The lottery ticket jackpot was officially declared a $1.7 billion winner on Wednesday.The jackpot for the state’s $3.5 billion racetrack was worth $3,988,200.That means Maryland has won $1,977,100.This is the second time in a week the state has won the jackpot.The first time was Jan. 6, when Maryland won $2.5 million.Maryland won the […]

When Illinois Lottery scratcher hits the ground running, her coach says: ‘She’s got it all’

A former Chicago high school gymnastics coach says his daughter’s “incredible” performance on Saturday will go down as one of the most impressive feats of athleticism in the state’s history.Kelly Tackett, a member of the Chicago gymnastics team, was one of four gymnasts competing in the Illinois High School National Championships.Her performance drew praise from […]

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