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How to win the second chance lottery for the first time: the first chance

In 2018, Florida residents voted for the second time to legalize medical marijuana, and the state of Florida will soon begin to open its first medical marijuana dispensaries in the state.But what do you do when you don’t have any weed?Luckily, there are some good reasons to try to get lucky.According to a report by […]

How to win a $2,500 cash prize in the Virginias state lottery

The Virginia State Lottery has announced it is offering a cash prize of $2.5 million to win the largest lottery prize in state history, with a $1 million prize for the first prize winner.The Virginia Lottery said on Monday that it had reached a $5 million agreement with the Commonwealth of Virginia to award $1.5 […]

When lottery numbers fall, how do they bounce back?

NEW YORK (AP) When lottery results fall, they bounce around a bit.When they’re in the spotlight, they’re often the most memorable of all.Indiana, for instance, has won five lottery tickets since it was awarded a new lottery number last week, and its ticket numbers are up by nearly 300 percent.But a recent decline in the […]

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