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How to win a $2,500 cash prize in the Virginias state lottery

The Virginia State Lottery has announced it is offering a cash prize of $2.5 million to win the largest lottery prize in state history, with a $1 million prize for the first prize winner.The Virginia Lottery said on Monday that it had reached a $5 million agreement with the Commonwealth of Virginia to award $1.5 […]

How to buy a ticket to the lottery in Illinois state, including the 4 digit lottery post

I bought a ticket for the Illinois State Lottery (ILSL) 4 digit Lottery in November 2015.I had been a member of the ILSL since 2008, and had been able to play a 4 digit ticket for over three years.The ticket was sold on sale day on November 10, 2015, for $1,299.99.I bought my ticket from […]

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