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How to use the lottery numbers to find your own state lottery post

As I was typing this, I was in the lottery room.My father, who was watching from the window, told me that a man in a black robe was on the phone with a lottery official.“The number has been changed, sir,” the official said, and I had to look up the number on my phone.The man […]

How to win a lottery in Israel

By NICHOLAS SELLEMAN | 09/19/18 05:37:05The lottery for the Illinois lottery has opened up.The state lottery office in Urbana-Champaign said Friday that the state lottery opened Wednesday for lottery entries, with an official release saying: “The Illinois lottery will reopen this afternoon at 10:00 a.m.(12:00 p.m.) for the next wave of applications for the 2020 […]

When Illinois Lottery scratcher hits the ground running, her coach says: ‘She’s got it all’

A former Chicago high school gymnastics coach says his daughter’s “incredible” performance on Saturday will go down as one of the most impressive feats of athleticism in the state’s history.Kelly Tackett, a member of the Chicago gymnastics team, was one of four gymnasts competing in the Illinois High School National Championships.Her performance drew praise from […]

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