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US lottery winners hit with a $2,500 fine, $1,800 civil penalty for not using email address in winnings

US lottery winner James Miller, who was found guilty of violating the US Postal Service’s online payment policy, is expected to face a $1.5 million fine, a civil penalty of up to $1 million, and a two-year prison sentence for using an incorrect email address during the $2.5 billion US lottery’s post-release redemption program, the […]

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The following article was written by Jon Bischoff and originally published at washingtonpost.com.It was a big day for the state of Maine when it reported its lottery numbers for the first time Thursday afternoon.A total of 5 million people had already been selected to win the $1.5 million “Maine Lottery Ticket,” and the state was […]

Which is better for Minnesota State Lottery: $500,000 or $1 million?

The first three digits of a state lottery winner’s lottery ticket will go into the prize pool, according to state lottery officials.They will not be deposited into a bank account or sent to any other lottery winnings.The lottery will be capped at $500 million for 2020.For each additional $1,000,000 of prize money, the prize will […]

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