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Wisconsin lottery numbers reveal lottery winners’ names and hometowns, winnings and other details, plus other odds

WIKES-BARRE, Wis.— More than 1,000 lottery numbers and winner details have been released after the Wisconsin Lottery released the results of its lottery Wednesday, giving the public a chance to identify the winners and their families.The state lottery posted the numbers online for the first time Wednesday morning and posted a second batch of numbers […]

N.C. Education Lottery post-Lottery post: How the winners are chosen

The lottery post-lottery lottery post is the first of three posts on the lottery post that will follow. The first post, entitled “The First Lottery Post: How The Winners Are Chosen,” will cover the lottery rules, how to submit your application, and the lottery itself. The second post, “The Second Lottery Posts: The First Lotteries Post,” will […]

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