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Which of the NBA’s 4 lottery tickets is the most expensive?

All of the teams participating in the NBA lottery are offering prizes.Here’s a look at the most popular and least-expensive lottery tickets:The NBA draft lottery is in its third week, and the teams are picking their first 14 players in the draft.The first round is set to take place Wednesday.The first round of the lottery […]

When Kentucky’s Lottery Tied to the FBI

The Associated Press reported on Thursday that the Kentucky lottery had used its website to accept the $1.3 million prize for the lottery winner.The Associated News reported on Friday that the lottery had also used its Facebook page to show a photo of the winner.Kentucky Lottery Director Michael McKeon told the Associated Press that the […]

Kansas scholarship lottery winners: A look at the winners

AUSTIN, Texas — In the span of five days, Oklahoma, Kentucky and Kansas have claimed nine scholarship prizes.The winners were announced Monday, the final day of the Big 12 Basketball Championship.It was a pretty wild, wild night, but I think the most exciting thing is the Kansas scholarship win.We got a pretty good look at […]

How to make the lottery result even more unlikely

How do you know if you’ve won a lottery?It depends on what the results are, and which lottery you have.The latest result for the $5,000 Mega Millions jackpot is that you’re about to be awarded a whopping $9,638,872.And there’s more to come, thanks to a little luck, as the winner will have to hand over […]

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