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California Lottery Powerball Posters Are ‘More Than Just An Advertisement For The Powerball’

It is time to move past the idea of a Powerball jackpot and take a look at the poster that has become the go-to image of the lottery’s post-Powerball era.The poster for the 2016 California Powerball Powerball post has been posted on Twitter and has garnered over 11 million likes in the first 24 hours.The […]

USGA’s Ryan Scott: ‘We’ve got a lot of young guys who want to play’

The U.S. men’s golf team is back in the playoff picture after missing out on the NCAA title game by two strokes, and that should come as a surprise to everyone.The U.C.L.A. Eagles defeated the U.T.C., 4-3, in a best-of-five playoff to advance to the U20 National Championships in Orlando, Florida.The Eagles’ next match is […]

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