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When the lottery was first awarded, lottery tickets were sold out

When it was first announced in March 1935 that Texas had won the lottery, the Texas Lottery and Gaming Commission was greeted with widespread excitement.It had awarded a total of $3 million to the city of Austin, which had been in the middle of an oil boom.Texas had been named “Lottery Capital of the World” […]

Michigan Lottery draws more than 2.5 million online entries

The Michigan Lotteries, one of the biggest online lottery sites, has posted record number of online entries in 2017, drawing more than two million total.The Michigan lottery website announced Monday that the state’s lottery revenue has surpassed $4.2 billion.The site is also showing record-breaking revenue growth for online gaming and mobile gaming.Last year, the state […]

Iowan Lottery Winners Will Win $10 Million and Win a Tennessee Lottery

Posted April 14, 2020 05:21:30TENNESSEE LUCKY PICTURE The winner of the lottery for Iowan lottery tickets will win $10 million and a TENNESSEAN lottery ticket in a tie in the fourth annual Iowan Prize Lottery, the lottery company said Tuesday.The winners will be announced at a lottery press conference Wednesday in Nashville, Tenn.The winning tickets […]

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