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Why is Kentucky and Nevada the biggest winners from the 2017 US lottery?

Here’s the latest news, analysis and betting tips on the 2017 lottery.Read moreThe total number of tickets sold for the US National Lottery, the largest single-day event in US history, increased by a record 5.1 million tickets.But the largest winners from this year’s event were not winners from any other state or territory, according to […]

What to expect from tonight’s lottery lottery numbers

NATIONAL LANDLORD: All you need to know about tonight’s Virginia lottery numbers.The number of tickets sold at the lottery’s offices in Norfolk, Virginia, will be announced on Thursday morning.This is a new national lottery, which means the total number of winners in Virginia will be equal to the total population of the state.But the state’s […]

How to Play the Michigan Lottery: How to Win the Lottery and What You Need to Know

How to play the Michigan lottery is easy enough: just follow the instructions on a lottery ticket.But how does one actually win?There are two major types of prizes: jackpot and prize.Each is worth a dollar on average, and each is worth something depending on how much money you’ve won.Here’s how you can figure out which […]

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