The Latest: Louisiana Lottery winners listed for lottery numbers 3 and 4


— The Louisiana lottery is looking for lottery winners to fill three and four numbers in the new four-team state lottery and is offering a $1,000 bonus if the winner matches the number of the winning ticket.

The lottery is holding the interviews on Wednesday and Thursday to determine which three and 4 winners will receive a $5,000 payout each, the lottery commission announced on its website.

The Louisiana Lotteries will be opening its lottery offices on Wednesday, April 5, with the statewide lottery being open on April 6.

The state lottery will be running a single-state lottery for the first time in decades, the first of its kind in the U.S. More:LOUISIANA LOTTERY: The Latest on the state lottery’s new four teams: 3-0-1 | 4-1-1.

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