The next Big Game: The NBA lottery is in 4 days

The NBA is back with another lottery, but this time it’s a game between the Warriors and the Bulls, and it’s time to pick the team. 

There’s no real excitement surrounding this game, but I’d like to see some good news. 

The Bulls are just 7-8 and the Warriors are 4-7. 

Both teams are under .500, which is a huge concern. 

But the Bulls are playing at home, while the Warriors have a home game against the Celtics on Thursday night. 

If the Bulls and Warriors get close, they might be able to get an additional 3-seed. 

In other words, I’m rooting for the Bulls to beat the Warriors, but not by a whole lot. 

Instead, I’d rather have the Warriors take the top two spots in the lottery, because it’s an even better game. 

(Disclaimer: I am not a big fan of the NBA Draft Lottery, as it favors teams with young talent.) 

As far as the Bulls going after a top-10 pick, I really don’t think so. 

I think the Bulls could get a top five pick and a top 10 pick. 

For instance, the Bulls should grab the No. 1 pick, which would be a great pick for the Warriors to have, especially considering that they have a history of drafting well. 

And, of course, if they are able to snag the No and No 2 picks, that would be an incredible deal. 

However, if the Bulls can’t get top 10 picks, it might be better to go with the No 1 pick and then look at the No 2 and No 3 picks, to see which team might have the best chance to land the first overall pick.

If you want to get the most out of this pick, it’s important to know that the Bulls will be getting the No 3 pick, but that they won’t get the No 4 pick.

So, what would I be picking? 

For starters, I would be picking the Bulls at No. 4, which will give them the No 5 pick, the No 6 pick, and the No 7 pick. 

 If the Lakers and Heat are tied at No 1, I don’t see them going after top five picks and top 10s, so they could take a top three pick and go after a couple of the other teams. 

So, with the Bulls having the No 8 pick, there would be four top-five picks available. 

Of course, the Lakers have the No 9 pick, so it could be worth picking up the No 10 pick for them. 

Another option would be the Nets at No 11. 

Again, I think the Nets could go after the No 12 pick, although I would still want to take the No 13 pick.

If the Knicks and Nets are tied for the No 14 pick, they could trade it for the second-rounder. 

As a matter of fact, the Knicks could even trade the No 15 pick to the Nets for a top seven pick.

Again, it would be better for the Knicks to trade the pick to get that second-round pick than the Nets to trade it to get a No 16 pick.

I think that’s a smart move for them to make. 

Then, there’s the third option, which the Celtics and Pistons could consider. 

With the Bulls’ loss to the Warriors in their opener, the Celtics will be looking for a big win to make up for the three losses. 

This means they’ll want to pick a top two pick, even if the Celtics don’t have the top five. 

That would be tough to do, as the Warriors just got blown out by the Bulls. 

To take the third spot, the Pistons could try to get top four picks, although they probably won’t take them.

The Pistons also have the first pick in the draft, so that could make sense. 

One more thing: The Warriors will play the Celtics for the first time this season on Thursday at the TD Garden. 

It’s a long season, and this game might just give them an opportunity to get some more wins. 

Should the Warriors win this game and the Celtics lose, the Warriors will likely have a bye the next time they play. 

How about you?

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