US lottery winners get new prize: $1.2m

The South Dakota Lottery is offering a new prize to the winners of the US lottery: $2.1 million in cash prizes, along with a trip to South Dakota to visit relatives.

The winners will be chosen from the lottery’s online draw, which is open for one year, and will each be eligible to win $1 million. 

“Our prize is a nice change of pace for the lottery,” said Mark Jorgensen, deputy director of marketing for South Dakota State Lottery.

“The South Dakota lottery is a state that doesn’t like to be too much known. 

They want to build their reputation, but don’t want to go too far down the road.”

Mr Jorgenson said South Dakota had a long tradition of winning the state lottery.

In 2011, it was the state’s first state lottery winner to receive a $1m cash prize.

The lottery’s new prize is the largest prize in the lottery.

It also comes in the midst of the state-wide ban on sales of alcoholic beverages.

The US lottery’s annual sales have fallen since 2012. 

South Dakota was ranked the sixth-most-populous state in the country in terms of population in 2013, with an average of just under 3.3 million people. 

But the state has also been a leading source of lottery winners.

In 2016, South Dakota took home $842.5 million in prizes, according to a study by the University of Illinois at Chicago.

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