What you need to know about the latest news on the Michigan lottery drawing

Michigan’s lottery is drawing a record number of applications for the state’s $3.5 billion lottery this week, according to a source familiar with the lottery’s process.

Michigan is drawing the largest number of lottery applications in a single day since the state began using the lottery in 1967.

More than 20,000 applications have been filed since Tuesday, the source said.

That’s more than twice the number filed in any other day this week.

The state has seen an influx of applicants in recent weeks, with applications rising in the first three days of the drawing.

The Michigan Lottery said Wednesday it expects to finish processing the applications in the next two days, with the winner announced in late January.

The state lottery operates a lottery system that uses a number of different methods to award the winning ticket.

The system uses an electronic system, with winners chosen through random drawing of lots.

The system is designed to give people an incentive to apply for a ticket.

But it is not set up to make it easy for people to win the lottery ticket, the lottery said in a news release Wednesday.

“Lottery officials have determined that the system is not yet fully optimized for the type of lottery winning process that we see today,” the release said.

“As such, lottery officials will continue to evaluate how best to utilize this technology to maximize the lottery winning experience for our customers.

The lottery is also looking at ways to make the lottery process more transparent.

The lottery has already made changes to how it calculates ticket sales to ensure the system can keep a closer eye on how people are using it.

But the biggest change in the system will be the number of drawing slots, which will be increased from three to five.

The new system also will allow for more information to be gathered about lottery ticket sales.

It is a process that is designed by the state lottery, the agency that oversees the lottery, but the agency is also working on it.

Michigan’s lottery officials have been pushing for more transparency in how it runs the lottery since it was created in 1966.

The agency has struggled to keep up with the demands of the growing population of people who are interested in lottery tickets.

In March, the Michigan Legislature authorized the state to use the lottery for public benefit purposes.

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