What’s happening in the lottery numbers in your state?

With only five weeks until the start of the 2016 regular season, we’ve compiled a handy table of the current odds for the lottery states.

What are the odds of winning the jackpot in each state?

We know the odds for winning the lottery in each of the 50 states are as follows: North Carolina : 4.2% New York : 3.5% Georgia : 3% Alabama : 2.6% Tennessee : 2% Florida : 2%, Virginia : 2%.

Ohio : 1.4% Kentucky : 1% Arizona : 1%.

Alabama : 1%, North Carolina: 1% Who wins the jackpots in each lottery state?

The odds are based on the following: The number of jackpots that have been claimed for each state and the number of eligible people in each country.

The number of winning tickets for each lottery number.

What are some of the biggest winners in each State?

Here are some big winners from each state: Alabama: The winner of the jacklot in Alabama is currently named Mandy Jones.

Jones was the second person in Alabama history to win the jackbox jackpot and is the first woman to win one.

Her husband, Ray, is the fourth winner of a jackpot that has been claimed by Jones.

Tennessee: Mandy Jackson, who was the first person in Tennessee history to claim a jacklot jackpot, is one of the richest people in the world and one of Tennessee’s wealthiest women.

She is the second-wealthiest woman in the U.S. after Oprah Winfrey.

She and her husband are also the wealthiest married couple in Tennessee.

She was born in Memphis, Tennessee, and she moved to Tennessee when she was six years old.

The couple has four children.

North Carolina has three people who have won jackpots: former NBA player Michael Jordan, who became the first black player to win a lottery jackpot; former NFL player Dan Reeves; and singer-songwriter T.I. The trio of entertainers are known for their hit singles, including “I Can’t Describe My Feelings,” “Lovesick Blues,” and “Wanted.”

New York: Michael Jordan is the highest-paid athlete in the NBA, earning an estimated $2.8 billion in total earnings.

He and his wife, Mandy, have five children.

He is also the only NBA player to have won five championships.

The pair is also famous for their singing, and they’ve been seen singing “Love Me Like You Do” together.

Georgia: Miley Cyrus, a 15-year-old cheerleader, is a three-time cheerleader of the Atlanta Falcons and is currently one of five players who are on the UO’s cheerleading squad.

Cyrus has won the Uo’s women’s cheerleaders’ gold medal in the 2010 NCAA Softball Tournament.

The team’s cheerleader for the 2012 NCAA Women’s Soccer Championship was 17-year old Katelyn Ponder.

Tennessee has two people who are millionaires: former NFL star Chris Johnson, who owns a $2 billion sports team, and actress and former model Ashley Judd.

Tennessee also has two celebrities who are household names: rapper Justin Bieber and singer Cher.

Tennessee was the top state for millionaires last year.

Oklahoma: The Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant has made millions of dollars playing basketball and basketballs, but he is not a household name in his home state.

The NBA star has a $6.5 billion fortune and the NBA champion Golden State Warriors have a $13.9 billion record.

Who is the biggest loser in each jackpot state?

This list is made up of the most recent jackpot winners and losers.

What are some people doing with their winnings?

If you are looking to give something away, consider donating to charity or buying a lottery ticket.

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