Why did Virginia state lottery winners go to Virginia instead of Kentucky?

Five lottery winners in Virginia went to Kentucky instead of winning the state’s $1.9 billion lottery Wednesday, according to the state lottery board.

In a press release, the lottery board said it has identified the three lottery winners based on their dates of birth and addresses.

The lottery board has not yet identified the second winner.

The state lottery was supposed to open on Wednesday at 5:30 p.m.

The winners were identified by their names and addresses, and they were issued an electronic receipt with their names, addresses and dates of winning.

The winner’s winning amount was $1,988,929.

The other winners were listed as winners of the Kentucky Lottery.

Virginia’s Lottery has said the winner of the state and county lottery is a local resident.

The Virginia State Lottery said it was notified of the two winners from Kentucky by telephone Wednesday evening.

“The state lottery is currently assessing and assessing the remaining winners of Virginia’s lottery to determine their eligibility for the lottery,” the Virginia State Department of Lottery and Gaming said in a statement.

The agency did not give any additional details about the two other winners.

The news of the Virginia lottery winners was first reported by The Associated Press.

The Associated Statesman-Record-Record in Virginia, the state newspaper, published the news that the winners were Virginia residents.

The AP has been told by the state that one of the winners was a local Virginia resident.

Virginia Lottery spokesman Jason Pye said the state has not confirmed the identities of the three winners.

“All of the names were confirmed by the lottery office on the evening of Tuesday,” Pye wrote in an email.

“There are no other names we are aware of at this time.”

The AP’s analysis of lottery records and other public records did not find any other records in Virginia indicating the three Virginia winners were residents of the Lone Star State.

“We have had some inquiries about the lottery’s winners, and we are working to confirm the names of the lottery winners,” Pinyin said.

The last lottery in the state opened on Wednesday.

The Kentucky Lotteries, which runs the state, said it had no immediate comment.

The winning total of the Texas lottery was $2.3 billion.

The first winner of Kentucky’s $2 billion Texas lottery in 2016 was James Jones, a Dallas man who was listed as winner of $1 million in a lottery statement.

A spokesman for the Texas Lottery did not immediately return a phone call seeking comment.

Texas had no comment.

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