Why the Maryland Lottery is a $5 million winner

Baltimore, MD— The lottery ticket jackpot was officially declared a $1.7 billion winner on Wednesday.

The jackpot for the state’s $3.5 billion racetrack was worth $3,988,200.

That means Maryland has won $1,977,100.

This is the second time in a week the state has won the jackpot.

The first time was Jan. 6, when Maryland won $2.5 million.

Maryland won the $1 million jackpot in March of 2016, when the state won the second-biggest jackpot ever at $1 billion.

The Maryland Lotteries website says the jackpottam was established in 1858 to give money to the state.

The winning ticket was a gift from a friend of President George Washington, and it was purchased for $1 in 1866 by the state of Maryland, according to the lottery.

The lottery says that when the lottery was established, Maryland was in dire need of cash.

“In 1876, the state received only $4.5,000 in donations, and in 1878, only $11,000,” the lottery says.

“The State of Maryland was faced with a $50,000 debt that was unsustainable.”

A $2 ticket from the Maryland racetracks was worth the state $3 billion, and $2 from a $2 state ticket was worth more than $5 billion, according the lottery website.

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